Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Light with Us

It's been a while since I've posted something here but the time has come again.   In April our fourth child, Jonah was born much to our relief and delight after the loss of our third daughter Salome last year.  And so adjusting to this new relationship has occupied much of the last four months for the whole family. I'd like to offer this piece of poetic reflection that I wrote during a time of solitude yesterday. This captures a little of my experience of this new one who has entered our lives. 

First a few words about solitude... I'm aware that solitude is essential, if it wasn't already, for my emotional and spiritual equilibrium.  While the solitude of each of us is a reality that is always present, as per Eckhart, it can also require careful planning and negotiation with our loved ones to include at least some 'actual time apart' within the multiple demands of our contemporary lives.  Solitude is truly a womb to be drawn into where in we may realise our deep connections to what is seen and unseen and bring forth greater love in all our relationships.  It is also in the silence of our own solitude that a reality may dawn, something well expressed in liturgy  -   contained in the soul is the Son of God - and in the Quaker phrase - That of God in everyone. Our job is to get out of the way and let this reality shine...babies have this in spades...

A Light for Us
This Little One is waking up
He knows who is who now
He shows preference for touch
And tickles he delights in.

The baby chuckle is surely one of the most
Beautiful sounds in the whole world.
Infectious, his face lights up
He waits for my next move...

With wide open smiling expectation.
I delight in him...The simple play
Of the new relationship between Father and Son
Sets in train the motion of love...

Do you have a love heart in you? I ask him but already know
A Love heart exists in all.
How precious then that even through
My constraints and strains I see it afresh in him.

After being deprived of touch
I still take it for granted like water.
Each touch a bond
A binding of souls that already know...

Their place, together, alongside
For as many moments as life will grant
Don't let that be forgotten, not now
When so much Light is present.

Blessings, Matt