Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rock n Roll Aint Noise Pollution

I think I have a little confession to make.  This might seem strange coming from someone who is attracted to contemplative ways of life, silence and stillness...but I have to admit that I still love a good bit of rock n roll, specifically speaking some guitar driven hard rock and good quality blues.  There's a still a hard rock guitar playing teenager ready to get out of my at times overly responsible exterior! It's clear that stillness is a beautiful gift but so too is the way certain kinds of music make the body start dancing, lift the mood and get the blood going.  Listening recently to one of ACDC's recent albums as well as some old Eric Clapton drew me to this reality.  What could be better help to get all those annoying chores done when the house looks like a tip with toys everywhere, clothes strewn around and dishes to be washed?  I also like how our girls start singing Clapton's 'Lay Down Sally' and want us to keep putting it on replay on the CD player. 

Rock n roll is well known for its excesses but one of its endearing qualities is its ability to bring some fun and soulful expression into life.  Perhaps life doesn't have to be solely a reflective exercise...perhaps we don't have to take it all so seriously...perhaps dancing is the remedy sometimes alongside prayer and meditation at other times...perhaps God can incorporate dancing and contemplation, movement and stillness...not perhaps...clearly all of this is part of the sacred.  So I say rock on...find your dancing shoes...let some of those old and new rockers move you towards the sacred dance even if that may not be their intention.