Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sand Play

This morning we went to the beach.  Our older girl and I settled into creating some sandy villages in the beach sand while the other two went for a walk.  We created five 'villages' with plastic was a good chance to enjoy the spring sun, the cool sand and the good company of my daughter.  We were happy with our 'work' and when the others returned it was almost time to go.  Our two daughters gleefully demolished the whole scene back to sand.  I stood both enjoying their playfulness and feeling the shocking quickness with which our creativity was dispatched.  It reminded me of the skillful Buddhist monks I have seen who create spectacular sand mandalas and then after a few days sweep away their work.  Lessons in impermanence but also lessons in caring for the moment.  No wonder Jesus celebrated so liberally.  How soon our creativity and the beauty around us can be reduced to nothing.  Destruction can take so little time compared to creation...we only have to think of Hiroshima and 9/11 to know this reality.  Go well with your moments.