Saturday, July 31, 2010

Enclosed in the Trinity

This beautiful metal sculpture is from from my parents in law which they commissioned as a memorial for our daughter Salome who died soon after birth six months ago.

They named this 'Enclosed in the Trinity'. It speaks to me of the circular communion of God...the open, silent, loving, spacious one. In my stiller moments I sense this source and destination for Salome and for all of us. This image is so capturing of the attention that it nurtures my heart.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Silence and Sacred Images

I will be offering a free half-day retreat at Anawim Prayer and Retreat Centre in Wangi Wangi near Newcastle. Here's the details:
Silence and Sacred Images: Experiences of silence and contemplative prayer can nurture our awareness of the power of religious and everyday images. Likewise images may invite us into silence and depth. Our time together will include spaces for both silence and meditation with images and tap into Christian traditions of contemplation and iconography. 10-2pm, Saturday 24 July.
Anawim is at 16 Wangi Point Road, Wangi Wangi. Phone Sr June Flynn for bookings on 4975 1436.