Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Father's Touch

I wrote the following poem during some time away recently. I dedicate it to our precious daughter Salome who lived 27/1/10 - 30/1/10. The photo is from my mate Nick who took this on a Wales beachside.

This is the father's touch.
To affirm a new life.
To be silently present.
To seek rousing fun and connection.

This is the father's gaze
To look and behold new form.
To be beloved and belove,
The shapes, the contours,
The skin, the will to live.

This is the father's love
That you will grow
with strong intimations of
Your centre, where you belong,
And I will guide you some of the way.

This is the father's tears,
That you did not last beyond a few days.
That your sisters cannot share
The washes and the cuddles.
That your mother's desire goes untended.

This is the father's wonder
That my love grows still.