Thursday, May 13, 2010

An Afternoon Prayer from the Suburbs

The lovely prayer below is from my friend Jason Clark who writes:
"I wrote this prayer to go at the beginning of an afternoon time of prayer & meditation, towards the beginning of the service. An alternative beginning call \ response is one I found in the daily office part of the Anglican book "A Prayer Book for Australia". + Peace to those who are far off, Peace to those who are near."

Peace to those absent,

Peace to those present,

Peace to those known and unknown.

God of the hopeless and hopeful.
We are here again, gathered in sacred circle,

The familiar afternoon street birds are chirping, the cars are going by and we feel the afternoon breeze as it brings refreshment from the heat of the day.

The sun sets, the day begins to end and the night descends.

Conscious of the now, we breathe in, and out, stilling ourselves, and being present in the now.

We are here for a range of reasons,
some because, life is hard and sad

For others life is good and happy.

Many reasons, many situations, but this time is for us.

Breathing in, and out, in, and out. We are here, present in this moment, the other can wait or take care of itself.

Come now Holy Spirit, comforter and guide, be present with us and bless this time making it a sacred place.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Even the Darkness is Light to You

Even the Darkness is Light to You

Only it is a longing to be in Love.
Now it is a stillness.

Now it is a darkness.
Now it is a path less travelled.

Only it is the path I did not desire.
Now it is a grieving, angry determination.
Now it is a quietness and a deep rare silence.
Now it is a body of good present people.

Now this is how you speak to me, this blinded one.
Your speech is both enough and never enough.
I am consoled and I am hanging on.
I don't feel particularly grateful.

But I am alive circling, feeling my way to the Nowhere Centre of the Universe.